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World WildLife Day

Today is World Wildlife Day. I remember as a child I always enjoyed watching Animal Planet or National Geographic Channel. I still do but I cannot do it often. The people who worked always fascinated me because they were so close to wildlife and helping them. I have always wanted to be part of it in some way or the other and maybe in the future, I will. I think it is always fascinating and enthralling to watch animals in their natural habitat.

I remember going to Gir Forest in Gujarat and just watching this pride of Asian Lions lazying around. It is one of my most memorable times sadly I did not have pictures from then.


These are few week old hatchlings.

I took this picture on my recent visit to Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka has a lot of hatcheries where they keep turtle eggs until they hatch and then release them into the sea. While I did not release a turtle into the sea cause I do not exactly agree with the method but I did visit one of the hatcheries and learned about the types of Sea Turtles found in Sri Lanka.

Green Sea Turtle. (Commonly Found) Hawksbill Sea Turtle. ( Critically Endangered) Loggerhead Sea Turtle. Olive Ridley Turtle (Critically Endangered) and Leather Back TUrtle ( Endangered)

Of all the types of sea turtle I mentioned above, I got to see them all at the Hatchery other than the Leather Back Turtle because they are very huge and also rare.


Let me know your thoughts 🙂

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