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Chance by Chanel

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

I cannot emphasize enough how much I loved the shooting these pictures and how happy I am with the end results, probably my favorite shots from this year.

If you see my works you would know I am obsessed with the sun and light, so on most days I am tracking light and looking for ways to use natural light that falls in around me in some way. My room faces west so during the evening closer to sunset, my room is lit with that beautiful Golden light just spilling in. So, I just had to use it to my advantage.

That's exactly where this unsuspecting perfume bottle comes in because sometimes I am not in the mood to be my own muse. The set up was very simple, black cloth behind to cover up the walls, tables and other distractions, soft golden hour light, and the shadows cast by the window, that is all. My camera setting was, ISO - 100, aperture between f/4 - f/5 and shutter speed varying but consistently above 1/500 sec.

Well here are the end results,

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