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Jarful of Sunlight

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

Winter sun has been streaming in these days, warming everything it touches and casting shadows in the early hours of the day, which has given me the opportunity to play with and be as creative as possible with the light and shadow dance in the early hours of my living room.

This also means waking up a tad bit early, moving furniture and setting up shop in the most used room of my home hoping not to disturb anyone with the noise.

This started as a shoot of a jar filled with water against the backdrop of the shadows of the windows and the morning sun. And somehow it escalated into a full-blown shoot of jars being my main subject, sun playing an important side role, and the ever present shadows of the windows always present as a backdrop. The number of images I ended up taking may be too many but I am definitely not complaining. I shot these pictures over two days and honestly, I am pretty happy with the way they came out.

Interestingly around the time I was taking these pictures I was also looking into colour grading and watching videos on editing as I am learning to be better at it. If you look at my past images, I used to edit them very little -- just as much as needed but with this one, I definitely experimented. Colour grading is a fascinating subject to read about but a tiny bit harder to implement.

Here are a whole series of pictures from this shoot - some that never made it on my website or Instagram due to its edits and others that did.

Hope you enjoy 🙂

Predominantly the theme I stuck with was yellow and orange with some muted blue.

These were the first few shots

And these are the final images.

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