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Self Portraits with Mirror

Updated: May 10

I think self portraits are just a better version of selfies, more flexible, gives you the space to explore and try new things and yet just be you. Self portraits is a version of expression without the straight forward selfies that are almost always the same.

I enjoy photography and most of the time I like being behind the camera. Posing and taking my own photos is out of my comfort zone. And because it is a challenge to take my own photos, I love finding new ways to do the same. So, here are a few pictures involving mirrors and reflection, two elements I love to use in photography.

Mirror Images – Infinite

Location: SBU ISO: Aperture: Shutter Speed: 89

Just missing my head...not a big deal

SBU Rebel T6i ISO: 800 Aperture: f/3.5 Shutter Speed: 1/10

Pop of Orange


Rebel t6i

ISO: 800

Aperture: f/3.5

Shutter Speed: 1/10

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