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BTS - Light painting

In the last blog post, I posted a few pictures I took of my friend with fairy light. It was really fun and there was a lot of learning especially involving lights and camera shutter speed.

Here are a few of the fails, before I was able to shoot the few that came out well. This was my first time trying light painting so I made mistakes and learned from trial and error.

This one actually came out pretty well. Not sure what is happening with the shape but really like it.

From this experiment I learned that never have the model hold the light especially with slow shutter speed because the light art will turn out pretty, but there would also be movement of the model's hand, which might not be that appealing as a picture.

Rather, have a third person or you, as a photographer move and/or control the light from behind the camera, without having to be in the frame. A camera stand or steady base where you can put your camera on would be a good idea too. ( I was holding the camera with a shutter speed of 1/3).

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