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Bird and the Sea

For a lot of this lock down, I have often sat at my dinner table staring out the window to the sea and the sky, watching the eagles glide effortlessly, circling in the sky. It is quite enrapturing. They fly around in circles, sometimes you see a mid air fight. I never thought I would just watch birds fly around and be soothed by it. It is something I never thought I would enjoy, yet here I am standing by the window lost in thought staring out at these birds as they glide. You can also hear the eagles yipping sound, the caws of the crows and flocks of white birds but nothing is as enrapturing as the eagles.

This gave me the idea to shoot these eagles flying by. So ready with my camera I used my dinner table to shoot them. These birds definitely tested my patience. Every time I brought out my camera the eagles would either disappear or decrease in number or circle past fewer times. Weel here are a few that in my opinion turned out o be good.

This is the set up through which I wanted to shoot.

While shooting the birds I got distracted by the reflection of the boats on the glass table so I shot that too.

There is a lot going on in the picture. There is the actual view and then the boats in the reflection which aren't the same boats as the actual view.

All pictures shot on Canon EOS Rebel T6i.

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