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Photo walk in Autumn

Never experienced fall (autumn) for 18 years of my life and now it is my favorite season. It is a beautiful season, with leaves changing colors, shades of yellow, red and orange and the weather is neither too cold or hot, just perfect. And I have experienced fall only in NY but I am not complaining.

Stony Brook has a photography club that often went on photo walks. These are pictures from one such photo walks. The thing about outdoor photography is that there are so many opportunities to shoot, in natural light, with various backgrounds and do not really require your own props, nature provides you with props. When I say nature I also mean buildings, twigs, clouds, cars, tracks, lights, everything. All of it is in the angles and the backgrounds. One thing you do have to keep in mind is the time of day. The golden hour, the blue hour, noon, every hour of the day can be utilized for shoots but things may vary.

Side note- Many of the pictures that I took on this day was overexposed so it was difficult to bring back information inpost. That day and later on in a video I learned to keep images underexposed as the information can be gained later in post but it isn't possible the other way around. is the overexposure, so never over expose your photos because it is difficult to bring back a picture that is overexposed compared to an underexposed photo. I still like it and wanted to share so.

One with nature

Autumn Vibes

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