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Hey Everyone,

I am Ananta. 

For the most part of my life, photography has been a part of it, through my mother –  she loves taking photos. First, we had a film camera, then a Handycam, a point-and-shoot digital camera, and finally a DSLR camera. I used to take photos because my mother would ask me to but was never interested like my mother. It was with the Canon DSLR that I got interested in photography because with a DSLR I got to play around with the settings and had the ability to reproduce exactly what I saw. By the time I got interested in photography, I was moving to the United States for my Bachelors's.

It's been four years now since I have been on this journey and I am forever grateful to have stumbled upon it. I enjoy taking portraits and landscapes and sometimes food ( when I remember to take the photo before I eat). I love shooting portraits in natural light surrounded by nature, playing hide and seek with light and shadow. I definitely appreciate patterns, and colours around me more, looking around all the time and especially looking for beauty everywhere I go, even in everyday things.

Apart from photography, I enjoy reading books, drinking mugs of coffee, eating ice creams (have a sweet tooth), conversations about random thoughts that pop into my mind, and I love a good rainy day.


PS. You can check out my book blog Musings of a Chaotic Mind it is a work in progress here.

So welcome to my adventures.

Hope you enjoy !! 


All pictures on this blog are my own unless mentioned otherwise.

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